Don’t Give Up

Let me share this story

Story story…..story,

August 2016 I lost my banking job and my career came crushing down.

If i had seen this coming, I would have fasted and prayed to bind that evil occurance. YES o i love to pray. I never saw it coming . I couldn’t sleep that  whole night. And the song I sung that night was how am i going to survive without a job  . Ah come and see the devil showing me pictures of how people would mock me, how my dreams have failed, how I can’t complete the project I started.

Eh  fear every where and the one that made my heart jumped was how I would have to sell my first car  and go back to trotro, me banker..

But you know what? I hung in there with the little faith I had in  God. He said in His word, He will never leave me or forsake me.. True he never did.

Exactly two months into this unfortunate incident, I met a lady Pastor who showed me a business model that I would say was a golden opportunity (you can chat me up on that)

I was so disappointed and discouraged  and thought I was not  good for anything again.

From a comfortable banking job to a field entrepreneur  it was very tough for me. I gathered the little pride in me and started building this business amidst all the mockery, misconception, doubt, religious thoughts and so on.

Today this story is turning into a story of victory. (watch out for full story in my book to be launched soon️) 

So I ask you, why do you give up easily and too early?

Hold on, pray again, look well, see well, you are the next big thing about to happen in town so don’t give up!

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