Life Is Not All About You

Today my mood has been someway. Do you know why? Change has donned on me. I am not going to a physical church service tomorrow but an online church service. I have been picturing in my mind, how everything is going to be like?

 I don’t know about you, but I am thinking of  how Pastors are going to adapt to this change tomorrow, how many of them will be able to handle this online thing especially if is their first time ? How are church members going to respond to the online service will they say I don’t have data to watch? How, how, how?

A lot of lessons to be learnt during this period of Covid 19.

1. You can’t run away from change. If you have resisted social media and virtual activities as a Pastor, now you have no option.

If you have resisted social media and virtual activities as an individual, now you can’t run away from it. So many things are going to change after Covid 19.

Change indeed they say is inevitable, and this is ever going to be remembered as history, and we will tell our unborn generation.

2. By now, we have all developed adaptive mechanism to fight Covid 19 as a nation. 

All along we never knew we had this ability. Everyone now wash their hands frequently, use hand sanitizers and so many other things we are doing to prevent Covid 19.

Sometimes you never know what you are capable of until you are hit by a storm. So never say: I am not able to do this or that. Be adaptable and flexible in life, so you can fight what is preventing you from growing.

3. Life is not all about you.

Are you not aware of the people that the virus has killed? Are you not aware of the way activities are going to slow down for more than one month?

So many plans and activities have been cancelled or postponed just because we all have  to fight this  Covid 19.

Life is about what we do  because of our brothers and our sisters we are all one. 

Never hate, never despise but let the Love of God lead us all unto what is perfect, for everyone  to experience a wonderful world.

Happy Saturday evening!

Do not forget to give your Offerings and Tithe electronically and stay safe..

I will still miss the gathering of assembly tomorrow 

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