Made for More Group Coaching Program


Your life could be the exact way you want it to be, but you can never know until you join this bootcamp.

The Made for More Bootcamp

A transformational eight weeks online course for  Ambitious African Women who want to go BIG ( Becoming Impactfully Globally).

It’s your time to Unleash your Possibilities and your Potential and become the Woman you have always been dreaming of.


And what if :  

  • You can overcome your fears of failure, rejection and the  thought of not being good enough  so that you can  achieve your dreams.
  • You can get clarity about your life journey and know how you can move from where you are to where you want to be and be more by maximizing your potential.
  • You can develop self-confidence and self-believe to do the things you have always been afraid to do.
  • You can identify that one story of your life that you can share to impact the world globally.

Self-esteem means KNOWING YOU ARE THE DREAM.

– Oprah Winfrey


What you will learn at this Bootcamp

  • Mastering your mindset to create the life you are desiring and dreaming off.
  • Discovering your hidden treasures that can earn you money.
  • Mastering your unique message so that you can speak with confidence.
  • Global personal branding to position you as an expert in what you love doing.
  • Creating a master manuscript for a book you can publish to become an Author.

I believe in every individual there is more and that is what this coaching program is going to help you discover so that you can be fulfilled by achieving your dreams.


Benefits of this Bootcamp  

  • Become a dream achiever
  • Become an Author
  • Become a woman who leverages the power of her message and story
  • Overcome your fears and leave your comfort zone
  • Get paid for doing what you love
  • Experience a sense of fulfillment in your life for once
  • Be part of a community of fellow Ambitious African Women

Your life could be the exact way you want it to be, but you can never know until you join this bootcamp.



In 2016 I was part of two hundred people who were laid off due to a retrenchment exercise carried out by my former employer.

This disappointing situation turned my whole life upside down.
I felt like I was a failure, I loved my job so much and had plans to become a senior executive and also build my dreams around my job.
When I lost my job, I lost my dreams. I cried for almost 3 months, felt sick and lost weight. People were wondering what was happening to me.
I felt I was not good enough that was why I was laid off and that thought hunted my life which crippled me from taking actions towards my dreams.
I told myself what is there to dream about again? I lost it!!!
We sometimes tend to allow the setbacks we have been through stop us from experiencing the best version of our lives.
We think because something bad has happened to us that is the end of our lives.
Have you ever allowed the setbacks you have been through stop you as a woman?
I can understand you!!!
I want you to use my story and the life I am living now to know that you are MADE FOR MORE no matter what you have been through.
I am now a published author of three books, a coach, founded 5 businesses and an international Conference speaker.
I love what I am doing now and am fulfilled by helping other women see possibilities in themselves and showing them how they can overcome self-sabotage and limiting beliefs stopping them.
Showing them how to monetize their gifts, share their story impact by speaking and writing.

Grace Quarshie




A former banker now CEO of REdapplelooks, a beauty and personal care business helping today’s woman beauty needs.

I had knowledge about what I wanted to do but I did not know how to go about it until I met Grace when I watched her sharing her story on a National TV.

I paid for her one on one coaching program and it was during the coaching program I got the believe in myself and the courage to go for my dreams and quit my job.

Working with Grace gave me the confidence, information and tools needed to start my business and use my potential.



I lost my job twice in 2016 and 2019 as HR personnel.

I wanted to do something with my life that will make me happy and allow me to have time for my family but could not figure out what I can do and was afraid to take any steps.

After I working with Grace I became more aware of what I can do with my Human Resources Skills and make them marketable.

I started working with small scale business to help them with their Human Resource challenges.


Total value of coaching program $1997.00

Regular Payment

Deposit $ 499.50 to start

You pay balance in one month’s time.

Fast Track Bonus

Signing up within 72 hours

Deposit $249.50

You pay balance in one month’s time.

For more enquires or questions please send an email to or WhatsApp + 233244501231

Juicy Bonus Value at $ 1299.00

  • How to create a social media profile and platform that makes you attract the right customers for your product and services.
  • How to organize live videos on social media that converts customers and makes you the go to person.
  • How to create and organize virtual events.
  • How to build an online customer relationship management profile to serve your customers on a deeper level.
  • How to create your own graphic designs to boast sales and customer engagement.
  • How to create an international payment link to enable you to get customers globally.
  • How to promote and sell your new book.
  • Feature interview on my social media pages to tell the world about your product and services.
  • Six month access to a growth support accountability group that will help you to stay on track and implement what you have learned.