As human beings one of the greatest asset we have is our mind. No wonder God said is in the holy book that (as a man thinks so is he). Our gold is our mind. That is why before you will win or lose it starts from your mind. Whatever happens to us takes place in our mind before it becomes a reality.

We are who we are today because of our thought life As the book title would say (think and grow rich.) i want to ask you this evening how are you using your mind your gold, your power tool. In these times the world is going through a difficult situation , those who would use their mind to create a world of peace and survival are the only ones that would survive. Whatever you train your thought life to be that is what you would become.

Many of us have given up on a particular dream because our mind set told us that we can’t achieve it because of where we come from, because of our background, because we did not get anyone to help us. Because of……… Stop 🛑 it right there, give your mind the wings to fly into your future and walk into your world of possibilities. Any life we are living now is as a result of what goes through our minds because things happen twice the first time is in your mind. The second time is when it happens in your life.

I want to encourage you to use your mind to create your future. Create the future for your families, for your business, for your career. Whenever you do that you open up possibilities for yourself remember as a man thinks so is he. Train your mind to see that business starting and growing, train your mind to see your like becoming a blessing and you impacting more lives.

When I was growing up there was nothing in my view that has any form of success or let’s say a successful life I had to struggle in everything but one thing that kept me going was a picture I had in mind of me being a successful person and a woman of influence I still have this picture in my mind even at this very moment . The journey has just started for me.

So my friends use your mind set to transform your life.

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