Success Stories

"I Kissed my Job Goodbye We usually tend to think that sometimes there are some challenges that we only go through. Meeting Mrs. Quarshie and reading her story in the book taught me that there are people who have been through what I'm going through and also that the loss of a job could be a blessing more than a curse if we are able to reflect on our past and utilizing all the experiences we've been through into a profitable business. For someone who has lost his or a Job or anyone in a Job looking out to birth out the entrepreneurial spirit. I would highly recommend this book. This book also made me understand that Everything can be learnt, even entrepreneurship. You just need to be opened and learn Face your fears"
"I have automatically become a beneficiary of your job loss. A new business is born 🎉 I've always been doing this for all my husband's and some friends papers and work. I considered turning it into a business but wondered where to find paying customers and that has been answered. Thank you.!"
"Good evening coach.... Fear has been my major problem in this life....I fear everything.. I took the same fear in marriage . Earlier this year, I took a decision to work on myself and started preparing myself towards change I signed up for this program I didn't know what the program was about . Thank God I started and now I have learned how to master my fears . Now I'm brave, confident . Thanks so much coach "
"The joy this program has brought me is nothing I can compare to. Am the type I really wanted to be one of the best AUTHORS and MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS in and around the globe 🌍 but I never had soo much confidence about it until I joined this class. The amazing thing was the 1st book Coach asked us to read I had it but never read . From this class I have gone back to all the inspirational books I bought, dusted them n aligned them in order to read them to help me achieve my dreams with the help of my Coach. God bless u ma’am"
"I've finished reading the book cover to cover. You have done so well. I could identify with the story, having lost my banking job last year too. Now putting myself together for a new life amidst lots of challenges".
" Before I joined this program I used to give myself many many reasons why I cannot achieve my goals and at times even stopped myself from dreaming and yet I was the one who motivates others oh. I don't know why I was being so cruel to myself. But after joining, I have become more confident in dreaming and I speak positively to myself more. "

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