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Grace Quarshie

Personal and Business Development Coach
International Conference Speaker

Awards & Recognition

Helping You Create A Life that Aligns with Your Values and Passions

Grace Quarshie is an Empowerment Conference Speaker from West 
Africa Ghana, a personal and business development coach, and the Author of I Kissed My Job Goodbye, How I Went from Joblessness to Owning a Successful Business and Living a Fulfilled Life, a book she self-published in 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She is also the founder of Global Life Empowerment Academy Limited, a training and personal development institute for African Women… 

Our Services

Made for More Academy

Transformative coaching that empowers women to conquer fears and achieve their dreams.

Executive Coaching

One-to-one executive coaching for high-level, busy professional women in leadership to help them monetise their 5 to 10 years of experience and expertise to create impact and income.

Group Coaching

Transformative coaching for women to overcome limiting beliefs, unlock their potential, and monetize their expertise through authorship, public speaking, and starting a coaching business.

Digital Business Start-up and Growth Consulting

Done-for-you product and service management for brands, businesses, and churches that want to increase sales and gain more visibility online.

Women in Leadership Corporate Training

Empowering and equipping women in leadership to come to the front line by leading with their stories and unlocking more untapped potential to step into new areas of growth and possibilities for their career and organization

Keynote and Conference Speaking

Inspiring audiences through impactful and new insights on personal development, business growth, and leading with storytelling. Participants are empowered and equipped to step out with confidence and understanding and take radical action to achieve their goals and dreams and experience the desired result.

Why You Need “The Made for More” Coaching

A transformational eight-week online course for ambitious African women who want to go BIG (Becoming Impactful Globally). It’s your time to unleash your possibilities and your potential and become the woman you have always dreamed of being.
For any inquiries about the program, send us a mail at our email address: or via whatsapp.

  • Mindset Shift

    Deal with setbacks, fears and limiting beliefs stopping you.

  • Overcome Obstacles

    Find your definite purpose. Eliminate frustration. 

  • Save time make more money

    Get clarity on how you can move from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Growth and Result

    Experience the growth and result you have always been desiring.

Speaking Testimonials

Grace is an inspirational speaker who will touch the hearts and minds of your audience to take radical action to move into action to achieve results.

Reclaiming your Confidence Virtual Summit

Your ability to captivate your audience is remarkable and your authenticity speaks volumes. You can be very proud of yourself

Professional Collect
Women of Stature

If you are looking for an igniter to propel you into starting your dreams and desires then Coach Grace is your go-to speaker.


Emerge, Woman Conference

See What Our Clients Have Achieved and Get Inspired to Reach Your Own Goals

4.7 out of 5 stars from 1.2k reviews

I had knowledge about what I wanted to do but I did not know how to go about it until I met Grace when I watched her sharing her story on a National TV. I paid for her one on one coaching program and it was during the coaching program I got the believe in myself and the courage to go for my dreams and quit my job. Working with Grace gave me the confidence, information and tools needed to start my business and use my potential.

Ceo - Red Apple Looks

Mrs Grace Beulah Quarshie, thanks for the clarity your coaching sessions provided , and thanks for believing in me more than I believe in myself. I am glad I choose you.

Author - Rama's Lemonade

After joining your first coaching class, We had a conversation three years ago during Covid.
What began as a casual conversation turned into a clarity call where you helped me realise what i was doing to help people randomly, could actually be turned into a business.
In fact, it was in that conversation that I got a clear idea of the business name.
Three years down the line, this business has helped me secure an opportunity outside the country. I want to say thank you Coach Grace.

Ceo - Natural Treat

International Conference Speaker for Women's Empowerment Events on Personal Development, Business Start-Ups, and Growth

Inspiring Global
Audiences for Positive

If you have an audience of women who need to step out of their comfort zone and do more with their lives to fulfill their God-given purpose, then I am your speaker for that event.  

Keynote Presentations

  • Building confidence to achieve your dreams
  • How to move from where you are to where you want to be
  • Leading with your story
  • Women overcoming fear and self-sabotage stopping them
  • How to activate the woman you want to become

Workshops and Training

  • How to write, publish, and market your first book
  • How to lead with your story to increase global visibility and sales
  • Transformative public speaking skills and how to get booked and paid
  • How to start a coaching or consulting business
  • How to start an online business
    How to start a new journey in entrepreneurship

Published Books

Every Woman Should Have This

24 Exceptional Keys To Unlocking Her Possibilities and Full Potential Without Fear.

I Kissed My Job GoodBye

How I Went From Being Jobless to Owning a Successful
Business and Living the Life of my Dreams.

Dare to Rise above Mediocrity

In this book, you will be reminded that now is your
time to rise above mediocrity. If not now, when?
If not you, who?

African Women Who Inspire

Stories of possibilities and resilience to
give you hope

My Africa, My Identity

Stories of Hope, Courage and Passion
By Everyday Heroes

Become the Best Version of Yourself

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Grace Quarshie is an Empowerment Conference Speaker from West Africa Ghana, a personal and business development coach, and the Author of "I Kissed My Job Goodbye, How I Went from Joblessness to Owning a Successful Business and Living a Fulfilled Life", a book she self-published in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is also the founder of Global Life Empowerment Academy Limited, a training and personal development institute for African Women and the African Women Global Community a platform that connects African Women across the globe for collaboration, personal and business growth, exchange women empowerment events, and business networking programs. From a laid-off employee to becoming an entrepreneur Grace's resilience and determination have inspired a lot of women worldwide and empowered them to overcome their fears and self-sabotage to become the woman they want to be. She is an expert in empowering and equipping African Women to unleash their possibilities and full potential by monetizing their expertise, experience, speaking, and writing their stories to create global impact. She has trained over 500 women to experience this through her coaching framework, Discover Your Possibility mindset, Develop Your Unique Tool, Deploy Your Gifts, and Create Demand for Your Gifts.

As a result of this, her clients and audience experienced a total transformation that moved them from where they are to where they want to be in life. She has co-authored two books My African My Identity, Stories of African Heroes, and Dare To Rising Above Mediocrity features the Legendary Motivational Speaker Les Brown, and also published an Anthology of stories with six African women from different parts of the world. Grace has been featured on National TV, Radio, and global Platforms speaking on issues relating to having a possibility mindset, leading with your story, transformation, overcoming fear, and self-sabotage, building confidence to achieve your dreams, and having resilience to bounce back after a setback.

She was awarded Woman in Coaching and Mentoring by the Woman of Stature Global Awards in 2022, Community Engagement Personality of the Year by the African Women in Finance Magazine in the year 2021, 100 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana, and Top 40 Global Brands in Africa in 2023. Grace is on a mission to inspire, empower, and equip 10,000 African Women to overcome self-sabotage and fear stopping them from taking steps toward their biggest dream and becoming impactful globally. She is passionate about helping African women experience unlimited success in their lives, careers, and businesses, and becoming global brands.

Grace is married to Pastor Chris Quarshie and they are blessed with a Champion son.